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HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN SPORTS & RECREATION In BC we have an active blind sports association, “BC BLIND SPORTS AND RECREATION”.  CCB encourages you to consider actively participating in sports and recreation in BC.  Therefore, BCBSRA is a great association to connect with to consider what sports and recreational activities you would like to participate in.  We also encourage you to connect with the CCB Chapters in your area.  Many participate in many sports and recreational activities. BCBSRA programs are designed to encourage recreation and sport to individuals of all ages and levels. They will assist parents in getting started with their children into community programs, school programs and community club programs. BCBSRA adult programs are available to help those who are interested in improving their fitness, whether it’s recreational or competitive, in their local recreation centre or club programs, in their local communities. INTRODUCTION BC Blind Sports provides recreational and competitive sport program opportunities, and education to help increase people who are blind / visually impaired lead more healthy and active lifestyles. Our programs are designed to work with all ages any where in the Province of BC. All individuals have unique life circumstances that influences and directs their personal strengths, goals, and development of opportunities. Managing with no sight or low vision also relates to life circumstances in terms of adapting to challenges and achieving successful outcomes from their goals. Outcomes such as goals set for valued participation in active and healthy living through recreation and sport. PROGRAMS These are designed to encourage all British Columbians who are blind/visually impaired to enjoy taking part in fitness and health programs in their communities or compete and strive to reach the international and paralympic level in their chosen sport. BCBSRA will assist parents, teachers, coaches, and activity leaders in making sure that their programs have the tools necessary to include someone with a visual impairment into their program. for further information, click on the link below.  You can also access many more useful sport links by selecting the blind sports sub-tab that’s connected to this page.

BC Blind Sports & Recreation


The BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association is a not for profit association of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind, or are blind and have additional disabilities; and their families and other supporters. Our services are provided throughout the province of British Columbia and are available to individuals of all ages. We work closely with the CNIB, other organizations in the field of blindness, other vision professionals, and the generic physical activity system in order to improve access and opportunities for participation in physical activity.

Our Vision: British Columbians who are blind, visually impaired, deaf blind, or are blind/visually impaired and have additional disabilities will experience the enjoyment of achieving a healthy active lifestyle through participation in physical activity, physical education, recreation, outdoor pursuits, and sport at their chosen level. Our Mission: We are dedicated to facilitating participation and encouraging skill achievement in all aspects of physical activity for British Columbians who are blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind, or who are blind/visually impaired and have additional disabilities.


Curl BC & the West Coast Blind Curling Association

West Coast Blind Curling Association Terry Pipkey, President phone: 1-250-868-1468

Curl BC

Blind Golf Canada

At Blind Golf Canada, it is our mission to develop and promote competitive golf along with true sportsmanship amongst Canada’s blind and visually impaired golfers wishing to play at a national and/or international level

Blind Golf Canada

Courage Canada

Courage Canada Hockey for the Blind is a national registered charity that leads the development of the sport of Blind Hockey and provides children and youth with the opportunity to learn to skate and try Blind Hockey.

Courage Canada

The Canadian Blind Sports Association-Goalball

The Canadian Blind Sports Association is a not for profit association serving individuals who are blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind, or are blind and have additional disabilities; and their families and other supporters. Canadian Blind Sport Association is the national sport governing body for Goalball in Canada and recognizing that most of its members (the provincial/territorial associations) are multi-sport organizations provides support for all Canadians who are blind/visually impaired to be involved in a range of sports. Canadian Blind Sport Association supports the concepts behind Canadian Sport for Life, the Long-term Athlete Development model and is fully committed to the development of athletes and other participants from Active Start through to Active for Life.


Provincial Lawn Bowling

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