Canadian Council of the Blind members are involved in many accessibility and advocacy meetings and address a variety of issues.

Committee members attend local, provincial and national forums and information sessions to speak on behalf of blind and partially sighted Canadians and tirelessly advocate for accessibility and independence for people living with vision loss in all areas of life. The right to accessibility in transportation, banking, voting and office & public building environments & non-drivers ID cards are just some of the areas that have been addressed in recent years. On-going concerns include representation on health boards and advocacy to drug companies and information & concerns communicated to local, provincial and federal governments across Canada to ensure that proper and best practice eye-care health is foremost.

The CCB has played an integral part in ensuring that Canadian bank notes are accessible to people living with vision loss by advocating for and testing Brailled bank notes.


Barrier Free BC is a non-partisan campaign advocating for the enactment of a strong and effective British Columbians with Disabilities Act to provide a barrier-free province for all persons with disabilities.

The campaign is driven strictly by volunteer supporters from across British Columbia. Through their efforts, individual supporters, disability organizations, business enterprises, and other sectors coming together to ensure a collective, unified voice is heard and acknowledged in Victoria. Ready and eager to work with the BC Government, with all MLAs and all parties in the BC Legislature, on the development of a strong and effective British Columbians with Disabilities Act.

Who is Barrier-Free BC?

Barrier-Free BC’s roots began on November 25 2015 when a small group of people with various disabilities ratified 13 principles upon which a British Columbians with Disabilities Act should be based. As a grass roots organization, they developed a “Just Say Yes” action kit from which supporters could learn more about how a disability act would benefit British Columbians with disabilities, why one was needed, and how supporters could assist in various ways to promote the campaign.

An even smaller steering committee maintains this web site, manages the email account, responds to inquiries, produces a monthly newsletter, and maintains a database of supporting organizations and individuals.

So who is Barrier-Free BC?
It’s you, it’s me and it’s every one of the supporters who choose to add their voice to the campaign.

It’s a growing movement with a common goal – the enactment of a British Columbians with Disabilities Act!

Who can add their voice to the campaign?

Everyone is welcome to join the campaign – whether you have a disability that is permanent or episodic, visible or invisible, physical, sensory, intellectual, cognitive, learning, or a communication related issue. Your support is needed and welcomed.

There is also a need for staff and volunteers who provide supports for people with disabilities through various organizations, immediate and extended family members, co-workers, colleagues and associates, friends and all others.

You can join this campaign even if you do not currently have a disability.