CCB 75th Anniversary

The CCB will be celebrating our 75th Anniversary and exciting plans are being made for the CCB BC-Yukon Division Triennial Conference in Chilliwack at the SureStay by Best Western.

Please keep these dates in mind…
*Monday April 29th –Meet ‘N Greet at 7:00 PM
*Tuesday April 30th – Opening Ceremony/CCB: Past-Present-Future/Exploring Our Community
*Wednesday May 1st – AGM/Division 50-50 Draw/Elections

Because it is such a special year of celebration, we are hoping to get the community involved and hope your Chapters will send a representative/delegate to enjoy the festivities.

More information to come in very early in the New Year.

50/50 Raffle

Your Chapter contacts should have received information regarding the Division’s 50/50 Raffle to be drawn at our 2019 Triennial Conference on May 1st.

Please ask your Chapter Presidents/Contacts about this endeavour and please help to sell tickets – every little bit helps.

We would like to see the winner receive at least $4,000 or if we all work at it even more!

Tickets are only $2 and make great stocking stuffers!

Vision Accessibility Related to the BC Province-wide Referendum on Proportional Representation

British Columbia Voters: Vision Accessibility Related to the BC Province-wide Referendum on Proportional Representation
by Albert Ruel

A referendum on which voting system British Columbia should use for provincial elections is being held between October 22 and November 30, 2018.

Registered voters will receive a voting package in the mail between October 22 and November 2. If you do not receive a voting package or are not currently a registered voter, you can ask for one from Elections BC, a Referendum Service Office or a Service BC location by November 23.

For this referendum, voters who read braille can request a braille template package and ballot question to be used when completing the mail-in voting package.

Please call Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683 to request a braille template and ballot question, or if you
have any questions regarding voting in the referendum. Information on the voting systems featured in
the referendum can also be found at


We have put together a Team from our membership to overhaul our website. Your webpage team consist of Joanne Dufault, Kathy Sanness, and Kelvin Adams.

We have set a overall theme to our site to give it a new look and feel. There will be some major changes over the next couple months.

We welcome all members input into the overall reconstruction of the site. We are striving to make the site assessable to all of our members with both limited and no sight. Also to make it easier to access from search engines so people can learn about how our organization can help.

Please send all your ideas and input to
Kelvin Adams at
Kathy Sanness at

AMI’s story on the Tempos

Source: AMI’s story on the Tempos

AMI’s story on the Tempos


Calling all Chapters-UPDATE

***Calling All Chapters with an update on dialling information, Hello, CCB National has updated our calling instructions with a new access code for our Call In Session on Thursday February 23rd at …

Source: Calling all Chapters-UPDATE

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