Chapter Call In Session – March 15

The next Chapter Call In Session for the CCB BC-Yukon Division is Friday th at 10:00 AM – Geraldine Braak and Kathy Sanness will be Your hosts; and everyone is welcome to participate. Sharing ideas, experiences and successes, asking questions all while staying in touch with other Chapters. An Agenda is attached for you, but please remember these sessions are yours and consequently the attached Agenda is only a guideline. To connect to the call, dial 1-866-351-5099 and when you hear the voice press the pound (#) key and then say or key in the onetime participation code 470. We look forward to hearing from you.

***Ann McNabb, President
on behalf of Membership
Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB)
BC-Yukon Division
CCB BC-Yukon Division
Chapter Call In Session Agenda
March 15, 2019

Welcome from hosts Geraldine Braak and Kathy Sanness

Self Introductions of callers – who they are and where they are from

Chapter Highlights

Open Discussion
– discussion re asking members to send in topics ahead of time to be shared and added to the agenda

– next sessions are Thursday May 16th and Friday June 21st

Book of Honour

CCB BC-Yukon Division Book of Honour

We are soon approaching our 2019 Triennial Conference and we are looking forward to presenting the BOOK OF HONOUR (BOH) to recognize members. To do this I need your assistance. You are saying, ‘What can I do?’…

First… Think of a person, from your club, that is either VISUALLY IMPAIRED-BLIND or a SIGHTED VOLUNTEER that your club would like to nominate.

Second… Fill out the appropriate NOMINEE form attached to this email.

Third… email the filled out form or a brief BIO to the email addresses below.

Fourth… In email subject, BOH nominee.

Fifth… Please add a picture, with a JPG extension, of your nominee.

I am asking that all Nominee forms be sent, to the email addresses listed below, on/or before April 15th.

Please do not forget to send a picture.

Email Addresses:

Thank you very much.

Cheers & Ruff Ruff

Bill & The Chief

Bill Conway, BOH Chair

75th Anniversary of the CCB

To All CCB BC-Yukon Division Members,

Hello, this year we are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the CCB Nationally and next year we will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the CCB BC-Yukon Division – a perfect excuse to party for two years! One reason Chilliwack was chosen for this year’s conference is because it is the Division’s oldest Chapter, founded in 1948. And Chilliwack Chapter will be hosting the “Making Connections” Meet ‘n Greet on the evening of April 29th; and are planning to have many of their members and other Chilliwackiands at the festivities.

Attached are the CCB BC-Yukon Division Conference Information details and Attendee form – if you have any trouble accessing the documents, they are pasted at the end of this email. Letting you know, once we know who is attending, there will be meal choices to make for the “Dinner Out” and “Celebrating the CCB” Banquet.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are working industriously to make sure you/we all have an unforgettable experience. Thanks, Ann

***Ann McNabb, President
On behalf of the Division’s 2019 Conference Committee
CCB BC-Yukon Division

Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB)
British Columbia –Yukon Division
PO Box 531, Postal Station Main, Chilliwack, BC V2P 7V5
Telephone604-795-3885 or 1-800-874-4666

Under the Distinguished Patronage of Her Honour
The Honourable Janet Austin, OBC
Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia


APRIL 29 TO MAY 1, 2019


SureStay by Best Western Chilliwack
43971 Industrial Way, Chilliwack BC V2R 3A4
604-795-3828 or 1-800-780-7234
The SureStay Hotel by Best Western Chilliwack is nestled in the beautiful Fraser Valley and is conveniently located off Exit 116, one hour east of Vancouver.


* Monday, April 29th – Travel Day
“Breaking Barriers” Workshop
“Making Connections”Meet ‘n Greet

* Tuesday, April 30th
“In Recognition of the CCB” Opening Ceremonies
“Exploring Community Connections” Workshop & “Dinner Out”

* Wednesday, May 1st
Annual General Meeting & Elections
“Celebrating the CCB” Banquet

* Thursday, May 2nd – Travel Day

Share your Chapter Happenings

To All CCB BC-Yukon Division Members,

Hello, hoping you all had a great White Cane Week (WCW)! It’s that time again to share your Chapter happenings – Christmas, curling, WCW etc – or you may have a personal story or something of interest to share with your fellow CCB members and friends for the upcoming edition of the CCB BC-Yukon Division Newsletter.

Please send your submissions by February 26th – we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks and appreciation, Ann

***Ann McNabb, President
CCB BC-Yukon Division

Are you interested in becoming a board member?

To All CCB BC-Yukon Division Members…

Get Involved with CCB!

Are you interested in becoming a board member?

We the nominating committee would like to invite all members in good standing to get involved with the CCB.

We invite you to put your name(s) forward to be a director of the CCB BC/Yukon Division Board.

All chapters will be contacted by one of the three nominating committee members during the week of March 4-9.

For more information please contact.




***Ann McNabb, President
CCB BC-Yukon Division
On behalf of the 2019 Nominating Committee

Connected autonomous vehicles – stakeholder survey

To the Members & Friends of the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) BC-Yukon Division…

Hello, I was asked to share this forwarded email. Please take the time to participate before the end of April. Thanks and appreciation, Ann

***Ann McNabb, President


From: Lui Greco
Sent: February-06-19 1:46 PM
Subject: Connected autonomous vehicles – stakeholder survey

Good afternoon:

Over the past several months, I may have spoken with you regarding a project being undertaken by CNIB. Funded in part by the Government of Canada, we are working towards developing policy recommendations as to the introduction of connected and autonomous vehicles.

This project is looking at both international best practices/research as well as the possible impacts on pedestrians with sight loss as both infrastructure considerations change and vehicles start to become “smarter”; quotes on smarter.

Phase II of this project is to undertake a wide reaching stakeholder survey to understand how persons with sight loss or who are blind perceive the opportunities and barriers which will be brought about by vehicles that exchange data with one another and vehicles and infrastructure interacting digitally.

The stakeholder engagement phase of this work involves requesting persons with sight loss who are blind to complete an online survey. The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
It can be found here.

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey and, if you can, please share it with others.

Lui Greco
Manager, Regulatory Affairs
CNIB Foundation
10 11A Street North East
Calgary, Alberta, T2E 4Z3
T: (403) 261-7234 ext. 6226 | M: (403) 629-3522

January Chapter Call In Session Notes

CCB BC-Yukon Division
Chapter Call In Session Notes
January 17, 2019

Welcome from facilitators Bill Conway and Pat Chicquen

Attendance –
Kelvin Adams, Campbell River;
Conway, Sunshine Coast;
Pat Chicquen, Comox Valley;
Lori Fry, 100 Mile House;
Jean Kanngiesser, Alberni Valley;
Bill Mah, Kelowna Blind Curlers;
Ann McNabb, Chilliwack;
Pat Roy, Dogwood; Kathy Sanness,
Provincial Book Club;
Corry Stuive, GTT Victoria

Chapter Highlights

– Alberni Valley
Jean reported their chapter started with 4 members and now have 23 – Albert Ruel was at their last meeting talking about smart phones and has offered to help members individually – meet monthly with guest speakers in attendance and will now have members share their stories – past speakers include the fire hall, local police, a Physio therapist, an accountant and a dietician – will put a poster up at the Seniors Centre – members share items and tips on what helps them at home – transportation to meetings is a challenge – in future would like to have a guest with a guide dog

– GTT Victoria
Corry said their chapter focus on technology – no meeting in January and will start up again in February

– Kelowna Blind Curlers
Bill said it is snowing today – currently have 11 members – sent curling team to provincials at 100 Mile House, who did an excellent job hosting and all had a good time – Kelowna won and will go to Ottawa again next year – Kelowna is going to Ottawa this February as Team Canada, returning champions from 2018 and Fraser Hiltz and other Vancouver curlers will be there as well

– dogwood
Pat reported 11 members meeting weekly – enjoy table bowling – hold a business meeting about every three months – guest speaker from AMI in December and the CNIB in February – have a show and tell for members to share what helps them -– will be at the Coquitlam Centre during WCW

– Provincial Book Club
Kathy said meetings are by teleconference to discuss the chosen book for the month – as well some discussion on accessing books and technology – Kathy is hoping to set up a table in Kelowna during WCW

– Campbell River
Kelvin reported they have 30 members – Albert Ruel was a guest speaker in December – other guest speakers include the fire hall and police speaking on fraud – plans are being made for WCW

– Comox Valley
Pat said they had 42 members – pub is having a fundraiser for the chapter – raise funds with an annual car wash in May – enjoy a Christmas dinner and picnic in the summer

– Sunshine Coast
meets at the Seniors Centre – Bill attends local Homeless Housing Committee meetings – Bill will be at the Park Royal Mall with Amy Amantea during WCW – in Sechelt a display table will be manned during WCW and 50 50 Division tickets will be available – planned fundraising is done after Thanksgiving and before Remembrance Day –assist members with cost of assistive equipment – for Christmas party there were three graces, the Elders from Sechelt Nation, German and Scottish

– 100 Mile House
Lori said her chapter for the past three years been overseeing their local thrift store on Sundays through the Cedar Crest Society, helping to raise chapter funds and educating the public on how we manage – just hosted West Coast Curling Tournament – chapter members decided on a name change as follows 100 Mile House & district             Blind & Visually Impaired White Cane Club – a chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind, to help educate the public on what we are about

– Chilliwack
Ann reported we have 33 members – hosting an Open House during WCW with the CNIB – are now partnering up with BC Blind Sports and offering chair yoga classes before our meetings – Ann and Sara Peters will be planning activities for their Brownie Unit during WCW

Open Discussion
– there was agreement to ask members to send in topics ahead of time to be shared and be added to the agenda; as well as adding topics during the session

– funding
some members are covering their own costs to attend the Division AGM – some Chapters appeal to and receive funding from their local Lions clubs – Lions, Legions  and other service organizations are more like to respond when a request is sent by letter, stating the needs of the Chapter – remember the Lions are the “Knights of the Blind” – social and recreational events are important for networking and peer support and combats loneliness – can put an ad in local papers, television and radio for meetings – Comox Valley offers a gift basket to those who fill out a ticket by donation during WCW – this year giving away two Google Minis

– chapter name change – “Blind and Visually Impaired”
This may be a topic for discussion in future – led to discussion on using more technology depending on your degree of sight – the differences range from needing magnification, to screen readers, to braille etc – depending on the degree and type of visual impairment, there are vast differences on what is useful or how everyday tasks are managed –technology that works for one person, may not work for another

– society status
all members should be aware the CCB BC-Yukon Division have BC Society status and are registered with Revenue Canada – reporting to both yearly

The next Division Chapter Call In Session will be Friday March 15th.

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