The Legacy of Blinded War Veterans, October 26, 2021, A Triple Vision Podcast on AMI Audio

Triple Vision, a Podcast on AMI Audio

On Triple Vision, hosts David Best and Hanna Leavitt bring you the history of Canadians who are blind, deafblind, and partially sighted, one story at a time, illuminating the challenges of the past, present, and future.

Triple Vision AMI-audio

OCT 26, 2021

The Legacy of Blinded War Veterans

This week, Hanna Leavitt and David Best speak with Dr. Serge Durflinger, a professor of history at the University of Ottawa. Serge penned a book called, “Veterans With A Vision: Canada’s War Blinded in Peace and War,” about how First World War wounded were the first advocates in canada to establish reshaped the way Canadians and successive governments perceived war disability and, in particular, blindness.



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