New Report: COVID-19’s impact on Canada’s crisis of Preventable Blindness

Dear Canadians living with vision loss,


A few months ago, the Canadian Council of the Blind released our Cost of Vision Loss & Blindness in Canada report. Today, we’d like to share some recent startling discoveries we’ve made about the impact COVID-19 has had on vision loss in Canada. We hope this new information will encourage you to Sign our Petition asking the Canadian government to keep its long-overdue promise and develop a Vision Health Plan for Canada.


Did you know that 75% of vision loss cases in Canada are preventable? Over 8 million Canadians are living with diseases that can lead to blindness. Thanks to research, our health care system has the treatments, surgeries, and knowledge to ensure effective vision health for 3 out 4 if diagnosed early. Unfortunately, because of broad restrictions due to COVID-19, vision care was deprioritized. As a result, 143,000 eye surgeries were cancelled or delayed last year.


Wait times for cataract surgery increased by 31 days for a total of 93 days. 93 days of waiting. 93 days that could push a treatable eye condition to irreparable damage and possible blindness. In some parts of Canada, it’s over a year now. When facing life-altering vision loss, nobody can afford to wait that long.


Join the Canadian Council of the Blind in our call to stop the crisis of preventable vision loss and blindness.


For more details, download the full report and Sign our Petition demanding the Canadian government keep its long-overdue promise and develop a Vision Health Plan for Canada.




Jim Tokos

National President

Canadian Council of the Blind


P.S. Join us on October 26 (5:00-6:00 p.m. EDT) for our Webinar on COVID-19’s Impact on Vision Loss and Blindness in Canada to learn more about the Report’s findings and recommendations. Featuring Dr. Keith Gordon, the Report’s Principal Investigator; Louise Gillis, immediate Past President of CCB; Doug Earle, President and CEO of FBC; Dr. Harry Bohnsack, President of CAO and Dr. Colin Mann, President of COS.

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