Federal Government funding cuts to CELA and NNELS, March 6, 2021

To CCB BC-Yukon Division members and friends,

Re: Federal Government funding cuts to CELA and NNELS

In Canada CELA (Centre for Equitable Library Access) and NNELS (National Network for Equitable Library Access) Provide accessible Library Services to people with Print Disabilities – encompassing individuals who are blind/low vision, individuals who have trouble holding or manipulating a book  and individuals who have difficulty with Comprehension.

In the Fall Economic Statement, the federal government announced planned cuts to funding for accessible book production; impacting the services of CELA and NNELS. Until now the government has been annually funding $4 million for these services – $3 million going to CELA and $1 million to NNELS. Now the plan is to reduce funding by 25% each year until it is completely eliminated in 2025.

CELA and NNELS have been and will continue to advocate with the Federal government to stop these cuts.

And you – as a user, as a family member, as a friend  or as a concerned Canadian citizen – can help restore funding for accessible library services.

Go to CELA’s and or NNELS Advocacy pages to find out more including what you can do to help and how to contact your MP.

CELA’s Advocacy page:

NNELS’s Advocacy page:

Please feel free to share this and take the time to write a letter or send an email to your MP and let them know how these cuts will affect you, a family member, a friend or any Canadian with a print disability.

Thank you.

For more information:

Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB), BC-Yukon Division

PO Box 531 Postal Station Main Chilliwack BC  V2P 7V5

Telephone: 604-795-3885                      Toll Free: 1-800-874-4666

Email: ccbbc-yukondivision@telus.net    URL: ccbbcyukon.com


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