Visual description of the icons on an Apple iOS device, Rita’s iDevice Advice for June 1, 2020

Visual description of the icons on an Apple iOS device

Rita’s iDevice Advice for June 1, 2020

I am sharing this link so that VoiceOver users of iPads and iPhones will be better equipped to ask sighted helpers provide that help, after all, if we don’t know what an item looks like on the screen how can we ask someone sighted to help us find it?


“Apple’s iOS software is an extremely visual environment, with icons that VoiceOver has been programmed to describe. An icon is a picture or symbol on the screen, used to represent an application, action, or a status message. This article will attempt to describe what a sighted person sees when looking at his/her iOS and iPad OS device. Having a basic understanding of these visual concepts can help non sighted users explain and teach iOS to those who can see, as well as providing an easier means by which Voiceover users and sighted users can relate to each other with regard to the iOS interface.

Please keep in mind that the descriptions presented in this document are based on initial layout, which you might see if you purchase a new iPhone or iPad and set it up as new, rather than restoring from a back-up. As you, or other people, use your device, changes may be made, additional apps may be installed, thus adding new icons, and much more. Additionally, the layout and descriptions presented here represent the current configuration as of iOS 13 and iPad OS. Much can change as new software updates are released. That said, the information in this document is subject to change or to be inaccurate.”


Access the full article here:
Visual description of the icons on an Apple iOS device


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