Don’t Just Stand There…Scan It By Annette Goehring of ND Assistive

I’ve come across this blog post by Annette Goehring of ND Assistive that I thought many would appreciate learning about.  Check the link below for a detailed look at these 4 scanning stands.

Don’t Just Stand There…Scan It!

“iPads and tablets have become more widely used in our everyday lives and have provided an essential means of communication, and are used for education and entertainment for people of all ages.” The author goes on to say, “…many people who need to be able to take pictures of text and have it read back to them through apps, or those who need a tablet stand that’s ergonomically designed for someone with limited mobility or dexterity to be able to access the touchscreen and use it independently.”

Annette also said, “There’s a wide array of stands (both portable and mountable) available to choose from depending on the ability of the user and what they intend to use it for. Here are a few of my favorites.”

·     ScanJig and ScanJig Pro $50 – $56

·     Belkin Portable Tablet Stage – $80

·     Justand –  $99

·     2-in-1 Kitchen Tablet Stand Wall/Desktop Mount – $24

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