How to Add Text Captions to iPhone Photos in iOS 14 by Rita Howells

How to Add Text Captions to iPhone Photos in iOS 14 by Rita Howells

Rita’s iDevice Advice for November 2, 2020

“Did you know that iOS 14 comes with a built-in feature that allows you to add captions to photos on your iPhone? Users no longer have to seek an extra app to add captions, and any captions added in the iPhone library will sync to the cloud if iCloud Photo Library is enabled.  This means captions created on your iPhone will be visible on all of your devices that have access to the iCloud.  this will make searching iPhone photos using Siri and the photo search bar much simpler and more accurate.

How to Add a Caption to an iPhone Photo in iOS 14:

Captions are handy for searching your iPhone photo library and for reminding you of certain details when you come across the photo later.  For these reasons, it’s best to keep the captions simple but useful; including notes about a Holiday or occasion if applicable, and any other keywords you may think of later when wanting to search for that photo.”

Please pass on this vital piece of information to your friends and family members so they too can accessibly label photos they may share with you, and if you learn these techniques you too will be sharing accessible photos with others.

Follow the above link to see the entire article which contains instructions for the sighted iOS user as well as Voice Over users.


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