To All CCB BC-Yukon Division Members,

This information is being sent out for TEAM LIMITLESS – THE BLIND CLIMB MOUNT KILIMANJARO 2020…

In preparation for our Mt. Kilimanjaro trek, CCB Team Limitless has made application for the Holman Prize and would appreciate your support by viewing the 90 second video link below. Please like it, post it, email, share, embed, call people to watch it, anything you can do to get it out there would be very much appreciated.

Winning the Holman Prize would be an incredible boost to our fundraising efforts.

The Holman Prize is brought to you by:
Light House For The Blind
The Holman Prize

The Lighthouse launched the Holman Prize in 2017 to raise awareness about blind achievement and reward ambitious projects by blind individuals.

Thank you in advance for any support you are able to provide.

Lori Fry –
Team Limitless

Team Limitless is comprised of members from across Canada that include both totally and legally blind individuals along with their sighted guides.

Although each team member has their own personal reason for accepting the challenge, collectively the team will demonstrate the ability to overcome adversities while providing inspiration, hope and empowerment to others dealing with vision loss, blindness or other life challenges.

On September 1st, 2020 the trek will begin with Lori Fry and Jim Vinson representing British Columbia, Arlette Heck will represent Alberta along with other low vision and blind participants and their sighted guides from across Canada.

Team Limitless is now seeking contributions through sponsorship and donation to help raise funds to support their quest to conquer Mount Kili.

For further details, contact Lori Fry at 250-395-2452, Jim Vinson at 250-609-3088 or Arlette Heck at 403-625-9129. Email them at

Mailing address:
100 Mile House & District White Cane Club
PO Box 1232
100 Mile House, BC
V0K 2E0.

Donations made by cheque should be payable to:
CCB 100 Mile House WCC.

GO FUND ME: No Sight, No Problem-The Blind Mount Kili Climb.

***Ann McNabb, President
CCB BC-Yukon Division

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