Chapter Call In Session – March 15

The next Chapter Call In Session for the CCB BC-Yukon Division is Friday th at 10:00 AM – Geraldine Braak and Kathy Sanness will be Your hosts; and everyone is welcome to participate. Sharing ideas, experiences and successes, asking questions all while staying in touch with other Chapters. An Agenda is attached for you, but please remember these sessions are yours and consequently the attached Agenda is only a guideline. To connect to the call, dial 1-866-351-5099 and when you hear the voice press the pound (#) key and then say or key in the onetime participation code 470. We look forward to hearing from you.

***Ann McNabb, President
on behalf of Membership
Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB)
BC-Yukon Division
CCB BC-Yukon Division
Chapter Call In Session Agenda
March 15, 2019

Welcome from hosts Geraldine Braak and Kathy Sanness

Self Introductions of callers – who they are and where they are from

Chapter Highlights

Open Discussion
– discussion re asking members to send in topics ahead of time to be shared and added to the agenda

– next sessions are Thursday May 16th and Friday June 21st

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